Anders Ilar - Sworn (2008)

Release Date: 27 May 2008

Like Ilar's rated Organza EP' (2006) on Level, Sworn promises to be another sublime excursion in warm sonics, deep ambience and glitchy broken beats. Featuring track titles guaranteed to make you swoon such as 'Imaginary Trees with Silver Leaves' and 'Path to the Sky', the album will be released on both vinyl and CD. The CD version includes three extra tracks: last year's 'Made for Us to Love' plus two cuts from the Organza EP.

Track Listing
1. Hillside 08:10
2. Colors Of Rain 06:04
3. Icarus & Pegasus 05:43
4. September Nights 08:36
5. Made For Us To Love 06:49
6. Imaginary Trees With Silver Leaves 07:14
7. Tomorrow Never Came 04:32
8. Can't Force A Tree To Grow 06:20
9. Path To The Sky 06:03
10. Brokenhearted 09:05
11. Lakeside 09:53


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